These 5 Apps Make Millions

We all know about tech giants like Facebook and YouTube that generate billions of dollars in revenue. It would be interesting to explore apps that make millions. Although it’s crucial to make money, some apps truly focus on delivering value and making life easier. While there are many companies in the app development industry that makes millions out of their products, there are only a few who generate millions of dollars with minimal efforts.

The life we’re living in 2019 is largely guided by smartphones. With the ever-growing mobile app industry, we have witnessed some of the complex apps running smoothly on mobile devices. Check out our list of 5 applications that make millions:

1. DrawSomething

With over 24 million active users and 50 million downloads, DrawSomething is a great app that takes drawing to the next level. The app witnessed stunningly rapid growth and secured a position at the top of the popularity charts. Developed by OMGPOP, the app allows users to draw their dream structures and interior design on the mobile screen and display their drawings through Facebook.

Zynga is an American social game developer that quickly perceives the future worth of this app and acquired OMGPOP for $180 million. DrawSomethings is one of the few apps that reached 1 million users in a few days. The app achieves this number in 9 days. Facebook achieved this milestone in more than 6 months.

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is another revolutionary app that hit superstardom by having more than 350 million downloads. The company recently launched Angry Birds Space which hit the 10 million downloads in just 3 days which is a remarkable achievement in the app development industry. The franchise makes money from other areas such as plush toys and t-shirts.

The game was developed by Rovio Entertainment in 2009. The company reported that it has made a profit with gross revenue of $201 million in 2017 following the success of Angry Birds movie and recent versions.

3. Design This Home

We often create a sketch of a dream house in our minds. However, Design This Home makes it possible for us to visualize our dream buildings and interior designs on the screen. Created by App Minis, the app has around 300,000 daily users and around 4 million players.

While the app is free, users have to make in-app purchases to buy virtual items to complete their design. The company makes millions through in-app purchases. The app is run by a 3-member team with a limited budget of $50,000.

4. Fruit Ninja

Slicing tons of fruits is surely a satisfying experience. Fruit Ninja is a fun game that is all about slicing fruits. We can download this app including its lite version on almost every platform. The app has around 20 million downloads and this tells a lot about this app. Apart from selling plush toys through Halfbrick online store, the company that runs the app has teamed up with Dreamworks Animation to create a Puss in Boots version of the app.

5. Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto franchise for Playstation and Xbox is popular among gamers. However, the mobile versions of the game make a larger part of overall sales. Developed by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto’s 11% of net revenue comes from downloadable games. The third version of Grand Theft Auto is the highest selling game by Take-Two Interactive.


Nobody can deny the massive impact of mobile apps on human lives. From playing games to chatting with friends and family, everything happens on mobile devices. App developers might be acknowledged as time-wasting gizmos, but these people have revolutionized many important aspects of human life. For example, Uber has radically transformed the way we travel.

While these popular apps make millions, the value they create can’t be measured. Facebook bought Instagram in $1 billion and the photo-sharing app has become a game-changer from marketing to entertainment.

Some people wonder how a free-to-download game can make money. Most apps generate revenue through in-app purchases and advertising features. Only a limited number of apps charge for the initial download. It’s important to mention here that the mobile industry was once ruled by a few big players. In 2019, you can test your idea in as little as a few thousand dollars and who knows what can happen when you’ll turn your idea into an app.

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